About us

B&T Service is a Company first established in Genoa in 1998 to offer customized and "first class" international logistics and transportations services.

Thanks to the success of the Genoa's experience in 2007 B&T Customs was established in Bologna to integrate and increase the range of services and the presence on the Italian market.

B&T Group, whose trademark represents the two above-mentioned companies, operates in the field of the import and export transportation services including any customs services associated with.

Professionals of the company are highly trained and skilled to promptly satisfy any transportation, logistics and customs issue.

Knowledge, reliability and flexibility are the pillars of our organization as well as the key factors allowing our Group to differentiate itself from the main players of the market.

Thanks to partnerships in place with the most important market operators we can offer our services at the right price, timely and consistently with the higher standards.

Forwarding a simple envelope or 1-ton weight goods it is always easy and affordable with B&T.